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Tirta Empul Temple

Tirta Empul temple is located in the village called Manukaya, Tampaksiring district, Gianyar regency and is about 39 km from Denpasar. Is located on east side of the President palace called Istana Tampaksiring. The name of Tirta Empul come from the word “tirta ri air hampul’ which is written down in inscription temple called Pura Sakenan in Manukaya village. The “tirta ri air hampul” means holy water comes from the spring.

This temple was built as a holy spring temple with its fountain water by the King Sri Indrajaya Singha Warmadewa in 960 AD. The Tirta Empul it has several numbers of fountain water that are believed to be sacred for those who bathe there. Bali’s holy book called Usana Bali, it was said to be a legend that this spring water was created by God Indra. He created this spring water during his war against the cruel King as represent of Demon named Maya Denawa.

The Tirta Empul temple is used by either Balinese or everyone in the world to seek a water blessing ritual or the purification celebration. Each of the fountain water has different function to have. This temple also found several archeological site such as Lingga Yoni, The Lion statue called Arca Singa and Tepasana to worship God Indra.

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