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Tanah Lot

Bali Travel Expert – It is located in the village of Braban, Kediri district, Tabanan regency. It is about 29 Km from the city of Denpasar. Tanah lot is one of the temple that build during 15th century by high priest named Dang Hyang Nirartha at the time when he made a long journey in Bali for Hindu religion during Waturenggong Kingdom.

This temple area is located right in the best angel of photography for sunset as one of the most fascinating sunset picture in the world. Tanah lot also has a unique side where the local treat a sea snake as a holy snake. Following the local story that goes around, the snake is believed by local as a protector for the temple itself. The visitor are always welcome to give a touch for this snake in their cave.

Beside this temple, on the western side, you will find other temple to see, which has also nice view for your relax time during the sunset, it is called Pura Batu Bolong.

Tanah Lot it has been a magnet for tourism in this island for very long, the fact is once you come to Bali never forget to visit this temple. From morning to sunset time the visitor are crowded enough in this temple.

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