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Mas Village

It is about 20 km from Denpasar. Mas village it can be reached by all kinds of vehicels, this village is one of the tourist resorts in the regency of Gianyar. This village is famous with wood carvings which made of local wood or ebony wood that is imported from Sulawesi Island. Along the road we can find many art shops that sell kinds of wood carvings.

The story of Mas village began from the time when Majapahit Kingdom from Java overthrew Bedahulu Kingdom as an ancient Bali Kingdom. The area was given by Highest priest named Dang Hyang Nirartha who came from Java to an Arya of Majapahit named Mas Willis. Mas Willis was a former Arya (soldier) who fought the beattle against Bedahulu Kingdom under ruled by Sri Tapalung. After the beattle, Mas Willis decided to stay and settle in this area and married the female named Ayu Kayuan that her names changed to Mas Gumitir. This makes story of names “Mas” on the one Clan in Bali called Brahmana Mas that lives now in Mas Village.

These day, a lot of visitors come to this village every day, they want to see or to buy wood carvings or only to see on how the local make their wood carvings. Come on tour with us on Ubud Day Trip to meet their artist


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