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Batur – Kintamani

Bali Travel Expert – Mount Batur Kintamani is one of the popular tourist attraction in Bali, which is an important icon of the city of Bangli. The ancient Mount Batur is formerly conical high as approximately 8,000 meters above sea level, occur 2 times the large eruption that occurred more than 29,000 years ago, forming the beautiful caldera named Caldera Batur, one of the deepest crater precipitation rainwater from year to year, forming a lake resembles a crescent moon that become the most gorgeous lake view in the world

Batur volcano with their village called Kintamani become the destination where tourist get picture over view the Volcano with its lake from top of edge of south west caldera, this village become a heaven for those who seek the magnificent view overlooking the volcano. The eruption from 1963 make best view of lava flown with black color where we’ll see from Batur Kintamani. From there you may drive down on to lava field to feel it.

Batur volcano that really well known for the first choice of those who seek for adventure of Batur trekking to see magnificent sunrise from 1717 meters above sea level. Most of tourist keep coming for whole time to enjoy one of the most scenic volcano caldera in the world, either join the trek or just relaxing the eyes with the view and has become the major tourist destination in Bali.

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Location Batur – Kintamani

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