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The Balinese Dance

Balinese Dance Puspanjali

The Balinese Dance called Puspanjali is a new creation dance created by a seasoned artist from Bali namely N.L.N. Swasthi Wijaya Badem 26 years ago precisely in 1989.

The name of Puspanjali itself comes from two words namely puspa and anjali which each has a meaning of interest and respect. From the name of course we will find the purpose of dance puspanjali as a dance of honor for the guests.

Is N.L.N. Swasthi Wijaya Badem is a professional artist who creates movement puspanjali. Besides known as the creator of Swathi Swasthi Wijaya Badem also famous for the dance of other works such as Saraswati Dance, Belibis, Siwa Nataraja, and Sekarjagad Dance. In the cultivation of Swasti Wijaya does not necessarily present the piano choreography only wayang, but he also attracts I Nyoman Windha who is no other famous music artist in the area of ​​Bali at that time as the music stylist. Collaboration of these two true artists gave birth to the beauty as well as the aesthetic art of dance which is quite famous until today.

The awareness of both artists will be the privilege of Bali as a tourist place and a vacation for domestic and foreign tourists to grow their artistic spirit to create a work that can be passed down to the next generation and able to support the tourism potential in Bali Island.

From there then in 1989 created an art that displays a nan bergulai movement which was then decided to be presented by a group of young women as a dancer. In general dances that promote elegance in terms of motion and music is performed by groups of dancers, amounting to five to seven people.

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