The Selfie Destination at the Peak of Wanagiri Bedugul

The Selfie Destination at the Peak of Wanagiri Bedugul

The Selfie Destination at the Peak of Wanagiri Bedugul – This year’s school holidays have long passed, and you’ll want to find some places to spend those long days. Bedugul Bali is one of the destinations suitable for a family holiday with a fresh area with mountain air. Some tourists may have seen Bedugul, so, more likely they are looking for new things besides the Botanical Garden and the beauty of Lake Beratan. Now, Bedugul has grown rapidly in advancing tourism. There are many destinations you may find there, such as The Sila’s Agricultural Park, The Secret Garden, and The Selfie Destination at the Peak of Wanagiri Bedugul.

In the previous article we have discussed the new tourist attraction that is Secret Garden Village. In this article we will discuss one of the existing tourist attractions in Wanagiri Village which became the location of selfie that is Peak Wanagiri located in Wanagiri Village, District Sukasada, Buleleng Regency, Bali. Currently, Peak Wanagiri becomes the destination of teenagers, and this place became famous in Instagram. Peak Wanagiri is a tourist attraction that displays the natural beauty of Lake Buyan and Lake Tamblingan, from a height looks like a twin lake. Formerly, Wanagiri Peak is just a place to rest while watching the beautiful views of the lake from the top of the hill. In 2016 comes the initiative of local people to develop the village economy by building a tourist attraction that is able to attract tourists to come to this place.

The Unique Selfie attraction.

At first in Wanagiri Peak there is only 1 selfie attraction, which is on the platform called the Titanic Boat because it resembles a boat. Boat Pavilion is made of bamboo stems, from this pavilion tourists can capture the moment with a selfie pose. Because it is famous in Instagram, this place is very crowded by tourists, and we must line up to take pictures at the top of Wanagiri hill. Since the increasing number of visitors who came to enjoy the beauty of this hilltop Wanagiri, many emerging enthusiasm from local residents to create a more attractive charm of selfie.

The Selfie Destination at the Peak of Wanagiri Bedugul2

The spot is:

The Swing
The hill top of Wanagiri has a swing that features views of Buyan lake. From this height will certainly test your adrenaline to climb this swing. The swing that hangs on the big tree is equipped with safety, you do not have to worry anymore. This swing can not be played like a swing basically, can only be used as an interesting selfie pose

The Egg Nest.
Not far from the Wanagiri swing location, you will find the attraction of selfie that is not less interesting, that is an egg nest. The Egg Nest is able to accommodate 2 people. This nest is also the location of selfie pose that attracted many tourists.

The Butterfly Form
In addition to the uniqueness of the place selfie above, Wanagiri hill also has a unique place to take pictures of a butterfly shape that is made very unique. Being surrounded by a green panorama of the temple, it certainly will make the tourists curious and want to visit this location.

The Bird Nest.
In addition to having an egg nest, Wanagiri hill also found Bird’s Nest hanging above the tree, this nest called Saranghe, you can take pictures while hanging in it, you can definitely get the best selfie photos

If you are vacationing here, should be done during the day. So, The view of Lake Tamblingan and Lake Buyan look very clear, most likely if the afternoon the possibility of fog. For more information on Wanagiri hilltop, you can contact our Bali Travel Expert or you may book this with only 70 USD combine with Ulun Danu Temple and the world UNESCO heritage site called Jatiluwih. Note that any entrance fee is on your personal account. We provide the services of tour packages in Bali, guaranteed your holiday will be fun.