Safe Driver, Bali Guide to The Tradition of Bali

Safe Driver, Bali Guide to The Tradition of Bali

Safe Driver, Bali Guide to The Tradition of Bali

beratan temple - balitravelexpert.comEveryone who comes to Bali would want a Safe Driver and a Bali Guide that will explain the traditions that exist in Bali. Bali is famous for its many traditions, not only that, Bali is also famous for its hospitality of its citizens who will be the driver and guide who will explain to us about the charm of this island of Bali. I strongly recommend you to choose a safe driver who always keep the safety in driving, do you agree with it ?. Definitely all will answer agree. Besides, do you need a guide? The answer of course is yes, what is the reason you need a Bali Guide? I think it’s important to have a guide who can explain the culture and traditions that Bali has, of course sometimes you can read it on Google about all traditions, but the knowledge of the local people is certainly different from what you read on Google. Many ways you to enjoy the beauty of this island of Bali. Lots of tourist attractions that give us a memorable holiday that will not be forgotten. I will tell you one of the supporting factors of tourism in Bali.

Bali Safe Driver.

For all Bali residents who are engaged in the world of tourism, of course, loyalty and totality is needed to keep your holiday is always fun. I strongly discourage you from traveling on a motorbike. I think this is a big risk for you, make sure you always have to be safe, because I’m sure you do not want to go on vacation in the hospital. So, safe driver should be required if you are going to visit from one place to another in Bali. There are so many ways to get a driver in Bali, one of them may be from your friend’s recommendation who has visited Bali, or via the internet. But I suggest you to always communicate first to the driver you choose. My point is, is he just a driver? Which means that once you arrive at your destination you just stay in the car, or the driver who can also serve as a guide to your visit. Lots of foreign tourists I met while on a tour, which was a bit disappointed with their driver, as it was only dropped on the ticket and left just like that. At Bali Travel Expert company, we have a very solid team, can be a reliable as safe driver and can also play a Bali guide to guide you. What do you think? Choose a driver who is just a driver or choose us who can also be a guide ?. If you follow my advice, of course your vacation would be nice

Bali Guide.

After hearing the word Bali, this is your mind which is certainly a beautiful island, and has a wealth of unique culture and traditions that you should explore. But, are you going to do it yourself without a tour guide? I think the answer is yes, I need a guide. Working as a tour guide a lot of locals in Bali. Love the island of Bali makes them always want to share stories about Bali. The role of the tour guide is indispensable. Your trip to tourist attractions, and tourism activities in Bali will be great if you get excellent service from a tour guide. Apart from being a tour guide, the tour guide also deserves to be recognized as a photographer that is reliable, why do I say so? Because, they have visited many tourist attractions in Bali more than 100 times, very likely you will be given advice on how to get the perfect picture. The Bali guide will also provide you with tips for doing sightseeing activities, such as mountain climbing, walking in the fields, biking on the countryside, seeing monkeys in Ubud, and of course to help you find beautiful sunset photos in Tanah Lot and Uluwatu and the latest is to learn about Bali cuisine in cooking class, all need guidance from Bali guide.

What to see in Bali?Jatiluwih rice terrace - Bali Travel Expert

Bali has a lot of beauty that we can enjoy, besides we also can see the activities of Hindu people tradition in Bali, dance and also very popular tourist activity. As a Guide and also as a driver in Bali, I will help you to choose one of the activities you should do when in Bali:

Uluwatu Temple is one of the oldest temples in Bali, located on top of a towering cliff. Enjoying the beauty of the Indian Ocean ocean while watching the famous Kecak dance at sunset is what you should see in Bal

Mount Batur is one of the volcanoes in Bali, this mountain has a beautiful Caldera as well as the largest lake in Bali. This beauty has been recognized as a world heritage by UNESCO. Many tourists who climb to see the sunrise on a mountain that has a height of 1717 m above sea level.

One of the places you should visit in Bali is Jatiluwih. The village is famous for its beautiful rice fields. Bali is not only popular with its temples but also the beauty of the world’s famous rice fields. Doing trekking in jatiluwih rice field is one of the things you should do in Bali.

Traveling to Bali is not complete if you have not felt to be part of the Hindu tradition in Bali. One of them is performing a cleaning ritual at Tirta Empul Temple. A very different experience will feel if you do the ritual.

One of the very new activities in Ubud is Bali Swing. Bali Swing presents a very unique experience and will make your heart beat fast. Feeling the sensation of swinging above the elevation overlooking the Ayung River is something you should do when visiting Ubud.

Best Advise?logo Bali Travel Expert

In addition to these five activities, Bali still has a lot of tourist attractions and tour activities that you should do. I am very happy to be able to share with you the experiences I have gained while being a guide and also a driver in Bali. If you want to be part of the beautiful island of Bali, I advise you to contact Bali Travel Expert. to have Safe Driver and Bali Guide Here we have all the possible tourist ideas you will do when you are in Bali.