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Om Swastiastu

My name is I Ketut Wijaya Putra, but many friends called me Joe as my guest do so, born from a small family in one of the old village in Bali called Kamasan. Born on 18 April 1989, I was raised in a well-known painting village named Wayang Kamasan Painting.

As a boy, I have seen a handful of foreign tourists pass in front of the house while asking about the painting, from there, I’ve got my dream to be a tour guide, as I do care with my village to assist them to go around, but the main problem is always a language. So then I learned hard from young age, i’ve graduated from a high school but I venture to engage in the world of tourism in Bali from 2007 until now.

My first experience in the travel industry was in Bali Eco and Educational cycling tour, where I learned many things to become a tour guide for over 4 years, continued to The Royal Purnama Art & Suites as Guest Relation Officer where I have seen tourism in Bali for the first time from Hotelier side, a freelance guide, and become a concierge activity in The Purist villa & spa.

10 years of experiences in Bali tourism, I have seen in my life with struggling, fun, happiness, sadness that make me become a man and grown up to realized to make my island of Bali proud with me. I never thought of making a business travel and tour like this, but I am really proud to be Balinese and will love to share with tourists on what I know about Bali and its culture, so I agreed to establish balitravelexpert.com to be your best friend and share the beauty of Balinese culture together on making the most celebrated tour operator in Bali. I make a big way in my life to build this operator company with the concept of harmony in Bali called Tri Hita Karana to give everyone such an experience for those who seek for best holiday experiences in this Island of God.

Whether planning a trip around Bali we have covered it all, whatever your travel needs, we are here to help with our experiences, professionalism, quality service that we have. My goal is to provide a beautiful holiday combine with quality of service which I called service from the heart to make your time in Bali beyond your expectation.

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